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We’re in a Cognitive Crisis

Over 47 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias plus the many more millions of people that battle brain fog, difficulty focusing on tasks, and reduced energy…it’s troubling.

And yet, would you believe that most of those cases (yes, even Alzheimer’s!)
are completely preventable?

It’s true. With the right lifestyle changes, you can think clearer, have more energy, and even be happier while decreasing your risks of brain disease and preventing memory loss.

If you’re ready to start thriving now — let’s get started!

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On-demand courses

Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to take charge of your brain health.

Find out how to use nutrition, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle to preserve brain health for as long as possible.

Live monthly
cooking sessions

Once or twice a month, Ayesha hosts a members-only livestream where she cooks a plant-based, brain-healthy recipe.

Ingredients are posted in advance, so you can cook along with her if you wish and all sessions are added to the library for viewing at your convenience.

Live monthly coaching

Once or twice a month, Dean & Ayesha host a members-only livestream to coach you on crucial components of the program.

You are welcome to post your questions ahead of time, ask live questions, share your progress with the other members, and get inspired from those pursuing the same goal.

Each course delivers science-based insights on how to keep your mind sharp with lifestyle changes.

And you get access to all of them with one simple, low-cost NEURO Academy subscription.

We’re Dean and Ayesha Sherzai.

We’re practicing neurologists, scientists, authors, parents, and a husband and wife duo that know the value of healthy lifestyle choices and we’ve seen the impact that our NEURO Plan framework has in making the sick healthy and in taking healthy to the next level.

We met as young physicians and in our first conversation we learned that both of our grandparents had spent their remaining days on this Earth suffering from dementia.

It was then that we vowed to do whatever we could to help others avoid this fate and build healthy minds and bodies.

Our academic journey led us to conduct research, treat patients, and serve as professors at Georgetown University, Columbia University, the National Institutes of Health, Mount Sinai, and Loma Linda University, where we serve as the co-directors of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program.

We’ve worked with devastatingly disease-ridden populations and some of the healthiest people in the world – the Loma Linda 7th Day Adventist population (a Blue Zone community, defined by living measurably longer and healthier lives due to optimal nutrition, exercise, stress management, and social support.).

NEURO Academy Courses

Access to all courses are included with your NEURO Academy subscription.


A Course for Brain Healthy Living

Don’t Just Live a Long Life. Live an Unforgettable One.

This on-demand course is designed to help you boost your brain performance, overcome your “bad genes,” and achieve optimal health, so you can make the most of Every. Single. Life-minute.

Better Brain Behavior Course

Learn the neuroscientific approach to healthy behavior change.

Inspired by Dean’s expertise in behavioral neuroscience, Better Brain Behavior teaches you the neuroscience of behavior and helps you learn practical ways you can better lead yourself and your loved ones toward optimal brain health.


Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course

Inspired by Ayesha’s expertise and passion for brain healthy nutrition and Dean’s expertise in behavioral neuroscience, the Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course brings everything you need to know about eating the right foods to feel energized , sharp, focused, and continuously improving your brain capacity. our promise is that you will be doing all these without compromising your enjoyment of food.


Brain Breakthrough: Anxiety

Take charge of your mental state 

Don’t let worries get the best of you. Let us lead your way to a calmer state of mind. 

Life is stressful. Job pressures, family commitments, uncertainty. We all deal with them, at the expense of our peace of mind. Perhaps you have heard that feeling constantly anxious and agitated is the ONLY natural response to life’s challenges — we have good news for you: it doesn’t have to be this way! 

We have found a different way to live WITHOUT anxiety, and we are ready to share it with you. Our insights and tools drawn from the latest research are specifically made for busy people coping with daily stress and anxiety. In Brain Breakthrough, Anxiety you will learn about what happens in your  brain during anxiety and will be guided to take charge of your mental state. You’ll not just learn to cope with daily stressors — but also thrive in the midst of them.

Course details coming soon.


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Stress management for the brain


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Newborn, children and teen brain health

Managing post TBI

hemotherapy/chemo brain and healing

Neuroscientific approach to Leadership

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With the changes we’ll teach you to implement, you can maximize your energy, preserve mental sharpness, and protect yourself from cognitive decline.

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Create sustainable habits for your brain health

Stop tip-toeing around what foods to eat, what wellbeing practices to try, and how to exercise – we give you the right knowledge on how to change your brain health for the better.

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Join us to learn our research-based insights on implementing the life habits recommended by science.

Access the latest science on cognitive decline prevention

Our program relies on evidence-based methods, extensive years of research on brain health, and our own clinical experience with patients.

Get access to

NEURO Academy

$390 per year

Unlimited access to courses, live coaching, live cooking events, and community

Live coaching events every month

Live cooking events every month

Includes ongoing access to future courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we don’t offer 1:1 support in the NEURO Academy, we DO offer live group coaching each and every month where we answer ALL of your questions in a livestream within the member community.

NEURO Academy is just $39/month and you can cancel at anytime. Or, our annual plan is just $390/year – that’s TWO FREE MONTHS — and just $1.06 per day.

Conferences, workshops, and other online courses are bound to cost you hundreds of dollars! And if you don’t invest in your health today, it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars later.

We purposely created NEURO Academy in the most cost-effective way so that you have access to material that can change your life forever. We truly believe everyone has a right to healthcare.

NO! Isn’t that great!? We’ll be releasing new in-depth, science-backed courses every 3-4 months which are INCLUDED in your NEURO Academy membership.

We’re happy to answer them! Email contact@teamsherzai.com with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.