Better Brain Behavior Course


Better Brain Behavior Course

Lead yourself and your loved ones toward optimal brain health.

Inspired by Dean’s expertise in behavioral neuroscience, Better Brain Behavior teaches you the neuroscience of behavior and helps you learn practical ways you can better lead yourself and your loved ones toward optimal brain health.

Habits are the foundation stones of our character. And our character determines the type of life that we live. This is why dedicating some time to analyze and reflect upon our conscious and unconscious habitual patterns can make a difference to the quality of our lives.

What’s included in the
Better Brain Behavior Course?

You’ll learn:

A neuroscientific approach to behavior and why habits are important for behavior change
How to create a long-term vision, systems, and SMART goals for behavioral activation
How to measure progress and course correct when you get off track

Coaching & Community

Monthly live coaching as part of the larger NEURO Academy membership with Ayesha and Dean

Up to two live cooking sessions with Ayesha per month, including a Q&A

A vibrant and supportive community of like-minded people and a supporting team to guide you every step of the way

Learn at a Pace that Works for You

Lifetime access to all content means you can take your time to learn one small topic at a time without any deadlines looming. Only want to learn about carbohydrates and brain health? Or learn how to make cashew cream? Simply watch those individual videos, or binge the entire library of videos and content! 

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Better Brain Behavior Course is for you if:

You’re interested in the neuroscience of behavior change and habit formation

You’ve struggled to make new habits or change your behavior and desire to learn better ways to make changes for good

You get discouraged and throw in the towel when you’ve gone off course in the past and want to learn better ways of getting back on track

You have a family or loved one that you’d like to (lovingly) lead toward a healthier lifestyle but haven’t felt ‘qualified’ or knowledgeable enough to help them

“This was simply terrific… it is hard to adequately express the effect it had on me. I have been in a stressful situation for quite a long time. The sentence that stood out to me, like a light came on, was: “it all depends on how you interpret stress.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for this course!”

— Jackie

“This class was phenomenal! My kids — grown now — never believed me when I told them: ‘we are our habits’… I’m excited to continue to learn and use Dean’s transition model for facilitating change.”

— Sharon

Join NEURO Academy today and get access to the Better Brain Behavior Course