Want to START and FINISH every day feeling energized, focused, and ‘brain fog’-FREE?

Food is by far the most important lifestyle factor for brain health. The dietary choices we make every day influence the prevention, delay, or progression of cognitive decline.

Join the LIVE, 5-day

Better Brain Nutrition Challenge

Learn the practical and science-based approaches for peak nutrition and brain performance. Feel healthier, think more clearly, and even be happier while reducing your risk of brain disease and preventing memory loss.

If you’re frustrated by EXPENSIVE and ineffective fad diets that promise a quick fix but don’t, and you’re ready to get REAL lasting results without breaking the bank – you do NOT want to miss this no-cost challenge!

The Better Brain Nutrition Challenge begins Saturday, February 4th

Overwhelmed by all the contradicting information about what diets really are best for your optimal brain health?

Our training as neurologists and culinary nutritionists, as well as direct research with patients, provides us with the unique expertise to know what foods really are best for your brain and how you can make simple and delicious meals you and your family will actually enjoy! Lose the guilt around what you eat — for good!

Do you worry about losing your cognitive capacity as you age because it “runs in your family”?

Over 47 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and many more millions of people battle brain fog, difficulty focusing on tasks, and reduced energy… it’s troubling.

And yet, most of those cases (yes, even Alzheimer’s!) are completely preventable. With the right lifestyle changes, you can think clearer, have more energy, and even be happier, while decreasing your risks of brain disease and preventing memory loss.

We’ll teach you how.

Our science-backed plan WORKS.

“After only one full day of eating only from the Sherzai’s meal plan, my edema is GONE! I can’t believe it. I have tried every whole-food-plant-based (WFPB) protocol over the last four years. I see the reduced swelling and inflammation and I now understand this will benefit my entire body. Thank you, thank you Ayesha & Dean!”

— Holly Catania

Nothing short of a miracle. I am gaining some much-needed confidence, adding wonderful variety, and eating better as a result. I wish I could adequately express how grateful I am to the two of you for doing this.”

— Lynn Juel

“My focus and memory are improving. All the topics discussed have been so helpful in making these changes and more. This path is life-changing and I cannot thank you both enough for this program.”

— Darlene Meadows

“I got my neurological testing results back and I scored so high the tester went back into my 2016 tests to compare raw data. In several areas it was better 😂 Thanks to the Sherzais for their awesome program. It works!

— Bonnie Wacker

NO-ONE ELSE teaching health and wellness has our depth of knowledge, experience, and the results to prove it.

We’re Drs Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, also known as The Brain Docs.

We’re practicing neurologists, scientists, authors, parents, and a husband and wife duo that know the value of healthy lifestyle choices and we’ve seen the impact that our NEURO Plan framework has in making the sick healthy and in taking healthy to the next level.

We met as young physicians and in our first conversation we learned that both of our grandparents had spent their remaining days on this Earth suffering from dementia.

It was then that we vowed to do whatever we could to help others avoid this fate and build healthy minds and bodies. Our academic journey led us to conduct research, treat patients, and serve as professors at Georgetown University, Columbia University, the National Institutes of Health, Mount Sinai, and Loma Linda University, where we serve as the co-directors of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program.

We’ve worked with devastatingly disease-ridden populations and some of the healthiest people in the world – the Loma Linda 7th Day Adventist population (a Blue Zone community, defined by living measurably longer and healthier lives due to optimal nutrition, exercise, stress management, and social support.).

And know what we found?

Good nutrition is essential for overall health.

In truth, it’s the best defense we have against chronic disease and cognitive decline.

To date, we’ve helped thousands of people learn how to better nutrition to their lives and experience life-altering results. We want the same for you!

Here’s what we’ll cover in each day of this LIVE challenge:
Day 1

Nutrition Basics + Prep

Saturday, February 4th, 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern

Ayesha will teach you the basics of nutrition for brain health, help you take an inventory of what you may already have in your home, and provide you with a comprehensive shopping list of what you’ll need for the days ahead as we make meals together!

THEN, each of the following days you’ll create meals LIVE with Ayesha while learning about the nutritional and brain health-related benefits of each meal.

Day 2


Sunday, February 5th, 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern

Day 3


Monday, February 6th, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Day 4


Tuesday, February 7th, 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern

Day 5


Wednesday, February 8th, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

PLUS, you’ll get access to…

Our Better Brain Nutrition pop-up community where we’ll teach each day of the challenge live and address your questions. You’ll also be able to interact with other challengers!

Top 20 Brain-Nourishing Foods, Top 10 Foods to Avoid, Recipes, and Shopping Lists — all the tools you need to succeed!

Our nutrition plan has changed the cognitive capacity and fate of thousands of people. It’s also helped people who don’t face severe concerns over their brain health live less stressful, more productive, and ultimately happier lives.

Join the LIVE, 5-day

Better Brain Nutrition Challenge

The Better Brain Nutrition Challenge begins Saturday, February 4th

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