Don’t Just Live a Long Life. Live an Unforgettable One.

Introducing NEURO Academy, from Neurologists Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, a 12-week course designed specifically for caregivers, wellness enthusiasts, and leaders, created to help you boost your brain performance, overcome your “bad genes,” and achieve optimal health, so you can make the most of every.  single.  life-minute.

Alzheimer’s prevention starts in the kitchen … Team Sherzai is giving you the meal plan you need to reduce your risk. Dr. Mehmet Oz

[My interview with Team Sherzai is a] powerful and potentially life-altering conversation that provides everything you need to know about brain health, Alzheimer’s and how to avoid the grip of this devastating illness.

Rich Roll

Team Sherzai are the brain experts to follow and implement. Forget all the others. Because Drs. Sherzai care. Joel Kahn MD