NEURO Plan Course


A Course for Brain Healthy Living

Don’t Just Live a Long Life. Live a Thriving, Unforgettable One.

What if your brain and body could perform at levels
you never imagined before?

What if you could increase your energy, eliminate your brain fog, and decrease your chance of disease?

Improving your brain (and overall) health is right in your hands. You can achieve optimal health and energy levels and reverse cognitive decline with lifestyle changes, the right nutrition, and wellbeing tools you can practice daily.

With the NEURO Plan, you can now have access to a highly personalized lifestyle plan that has revolutionized our clinical patient care outcomes. In fact, we saw so much improvement in our clinical practice (supported by additional research), we knew we needed to share the power of the NEURO plan with more than our patient population.

In this course, we focus on transforming brain and body health 
through five areas of focus:


An evidence-based, brain-boosting dietary pattern coming from a scientist, researcher and culinary artist with years of experiences empowering patients and communities.


An active lifestyle with movement every hour—not just a stop at the gym after an otherwise sedentary day.


Stress management in the form of meditation, yoga, mindful breathing exercises, time spent in nature, all with the support of strong communities.


Seven to eight hours of regular, detoxifying sleep through intensive sleep hygiene, treatment for sleep disorders, and management of medications and foods that adversely affect sleep.


Complex, real-life and fun activities that will help make billions of brain cell connections and bring out the full potential of the amazing brain.

The NEURO Plan has already changed the cognitive capacity and fate of
thousands of people. But it’s also helped people like you and me live a less
stressful, more productive, happier life.

What’s included in the
NEURO Plan Course?

Over 60 educational videos from us

A downloadable workbook for each module to personalize the NEURO plan for you

Tips to help involve family, friends and colleagues with new healthy lifestyle habits

Monthly live coaching as part of your NEURO Academy membership

NEURO Meals & Healthy Eating Tips

As a nutritional scientist and trained culinary artist, Ayesha has created delicious
recipes and meal plans specifically for brain health that are super easy to use
and LOVE.
A searchable database of delicious brain-boosting meals designed by
Ayesha, including options for any meal, with easy to print formatting

A top 20 brain health food shopping list to get started

Plus tips and tricks to stay healthy even when it’s hard, including bonus
videos for how to eat at restaurants, on the road, at work and at parties

Exercise and Movement Takeaways

Exercise is the key to brain health. Learn quick and fun exercises to stay active throughout the day that DON’T require a fancy gym membership or personal trainer.

Stronger legs equals stronger brains! Get our fun exercise challenge to find ways to move and build leg strength throughout the day

Dance prompts and playlists to get out from behind the desk and get moving

Easy walking meditation workout

Easy yoga flow for all levels

Unwind with Meditation + Restore with
Sleep Routines

Our phones often get more time to charge than we do! To support daily habit
practice and help recharge and dial down the stress every day, we’ve included:

Meditation Videos

Mindful breathing practices to do alone or even with children and grandchildren

An Unwind Guide that will help you get those 7-8 hours of sleep a night
without medication!

Optimize, Build, and Connect

Get our top brain-boosting activities to continually grow synapses – the connections that build brain health.

Become curious again. We’ll provide a list of questions proven to prompt a journey of self-discovery, spontaneous fun and a few adventures outside comfort zones. (Oh, and these questions also grow neurons.)

Get social, even if it feels like there’s not enough time in the day already! We’ll examine social support networks and identify ways to connect in a busy world, at a deeper level.

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The NEURO Plan is for you if:

You are experiencing brain fog, and have difficulty with focus and attention.

You are more forgetful and have fear of cognitive decline.

You are confused about what a brain-healthy diet is and what to eat on a daily basis.

You are feeling anxious, stressed — like you never know a sense of calm.

You are experiencing brain conditions such as migraine, stress headaches, neuropathy, concussion/traumatic brain injury, COVID long hauler syndrome and anxiety disorders.

You do not regularly experience a full night of restorative sleep.

You have a personal connection to Alzheimer’s or dementia in your own life and want to take action every possible step to prevent it.

You need a community of like-minded people and a supporting team to guide you every step of the way.

Join NEURO Academy Today and Get Access
to the NEURO Plan Course