Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course


Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course

Learn how to eat for optimal brain health.

Inspired by Ayesha’s expertise and passion for brain healthy nutrition and Dean’s expertise in behavioral neuroscience, the Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course brings everything you need to know about eating the right foods to feel energized, sharp, focused, and continuously improving your brain capacity. Our promise is that you will be doing all these without compromising your enjoyment of food.

We know that sticking to healthy eating habits requires both motivation and the right know-how. This is why you won’t see boring, bland foods in our plan — instead, we focus on optimizing your nutrition plan for a thriving brain health while eating delicious and nutritious foods you will have fun cooking.

With Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course, we have already helped thousands of people put their nutrition at the center of their mental and physical health. Within no time, you’ll understand how to build sustainable habits, reboot your health, and make food choices that heal your body and mind.

What’s included in the
Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course?


You’ll learn:

The latest research findings (in a fun, engaging format!) on the profound
impact of nutrition on brain disease prevention and brain health

How to separate fad from facts when it comes to nutrition.

Tips to help involve family, friends, and colleagues with new healthy
lifestyle habits

Prep and cooking techniques that will profoundly simplify your life and get
you to eat easy, tasty, and healthy meals each and every day

How to cook easy, tasty and healthy 15-minute meals for 1 person or a
fabulous holiday meal for a large group

How to substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones without missing taste
and texture

How to create an organized and clean kitchen (fridge and pantry)

How to plan to eat healthy in the most challenging of circumstances

How to get the most picky eaters in your family to love healthy meals

How to make healthy snacks and desserts

How to shop

Recipes and Meal Plans

Tips to streamline whole-food, plant-based meal planning for busy families.

Ayesha’s favorite Mind Kind recipes for getting started with a brain-healthy diet

Coaching and Community

Monthly live coaching as part of the larger NEURO Academy membership
with Ayesha and Dean

Up to 2 live cooking sessions with Ayesha per month with Q&A

A Vibrant and supportive community of like-minded people and a
supporting team to guide you every step of the way

Learn at a Pace that Works for You

Lifetime access to all content means you can take your time to learn one small topic at a time without any deadlines looming. Only want to learn about carbohydrates and brain health? Or learn how to make cashew cream? Simply watch those individual videos, or binge the entire library of videos and content!

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Better Brain Nutrition & Cooking Course is for you if:

You want to eat the most evidence-based diet for your brain health

You are sick and tired of the confusing information about brain health in the media and are looking for guidance and clarity

You’re a busy individual and don’t know where to start when it comes to eating healthy for your brain health

You’ve read that a healthy diet is an excellent choice for full body health, but you don’t really want to live on salads

You equate food with family and fun and don’t want to deprive yourself (or your family) of all the fun, but you also wish you were the type of person who makes ‘healthy choices’ (hint… it’s not an either/or choice!)

You can’t face one more year of just throwing up your hands and giving in…and then jumping on the endless cycle of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ that usually drop by the wayside by Valentine’s Day

We’ve hit on the answer through our NEURO Plan, with over 50,000 participants who put nutrition at the heart of their plan to create healthy minds and bodies.

And let us tell you, the results are almost unbelievable.

The NEURO Plan has changed the cognitive capacity and fate of
thousands of people.

It’s also helped people like you and me just live a less stressful,
more productive happy life.

But don’t just take our word for it.

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